Fall of the Republic Crash Course

Tip o’ the pileus to Amy Burvall for alerting us to this via Twitter:

… and we might as well include the Alexander the Great one too:

…  and the Persian v Greeks comparative thing:

2 thoughts on “Fall of the Republic Crash Course

  1. Yes, and also, you would do well to go see Amy Burvall’s own pages.
    Perhaps, they are not as deeply instructive as those tutorials noted above… But if you only want some incredible singing, done to hit 80’s pop tunes, and you only want a quick introduction, review, or brush up on some topic of history…. Then SHE and HER Creative Partner Mr. Herb Mahelona, have some incredible stuff!

    Here, definitely, is a singing history teacher duo, that you might be interested in looking into. You may want to follow their work also. Who knows, you may want to contact and interview them. I include a number of weblinks for your convenience. I am merely a fan of theirs, who likes to share a good thing.
    Sincerely Pierre

    This is Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona’s YouTube Page:

    This is their Official WebSite:

    This is Amy Burvall’s Soundcloud page

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Own Official Web Page (c/w Biography, etc.):

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Tumblr Log:

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Twitter Feed:

    Here is Amy and Herb’s HistoryTeacherz Twitter Feed:

    Here is their Facebook Page

    Official TEDX Hawaii, Nov 2011:

    1. Of course we have long been fans of Amy and Herb and we’ve highlighted many of their videos in these pages, as long time readers of rogueclassicism are aware …

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