Marathon Reading of Homer’s Odyssey ~ Live from Brussels!

June Samaras just posted this to the Classics list … happening tomorrow:

Elliniko Theatro

Brussels: 12 Hours for Greece


(16/05/2012 10am-12am CET)

An independent citizens’ initiative at the heart of Europe, to
express solidarity with the Greek people at this time of crisis.

In the context of the fundraising event ‘ 12 Hours for Greece
[<a href="; target="_blank">]‘, The Readers of
Homer [] and EllinikoTheatro
[], under the direction of Kathryn
Hohlwein and Yannis Simonides, are honoured to present a 9-hour
marathon reading of Homer’s Odyssey with the participation of
400 readers of all ages and backgrounds, including EU officials,
ambassadors, artists and journalists, in the languages of Europe

The objective of the event is twofold:

To send a powerful cultural message from the heart of the EU, for
the human values which Greece represents. The Odyssey reminds us
of the brave, intelligent and transcendental nature of humankind
in times of trouble, while the participatory reading promulgates
the collective effort required in order to support our shared
European cultural identity. To raise funds for the Greek NGO
‘ The Smile of the Child []’ which
provides educational, social and medical support to thousands of
children affected by the Greek crisis.

The reading will be enhanced with ancient melodies by Lyravlos
and followed by a concert with celebrated Greek artists Dionysis
Savvopoulos, Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Vassilis Kazoulis &
Alexandra Gravas. All day long, the Cultural Centre Halles de
Shaerbeek will host exhibitions, talks, film projections and
other events related to Greek culture and gastronomy.

Read the full press release

When: May 16th from 10 am till midnight

Where: Cultural Centre ‘Les Halles de Schaerbeek’, Rue Royale
Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Shaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium

Share [] the news with
your friends!

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