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One thought on “Blogosphere ~ Death of Cicero

  1. The Augusti Rostra is often mistaken for the location of events like Marc Antony’s funeral speech for Julius Caesar and his displaying of Cicero’s head and hand(s) he had fastened to the Rostra. (a major 1903 reconstruction but the tufa blocks on the right are original).

    But that Rostra was a later (Oxford claims 42BC) 10m extention that built over and in front of the Caesarian Rostra that was completed shortly before Julius Caesar’s death and where those events took place.

    Excavation Diagram;
    Scroll-down to “Fig. 30 Plan Of The Rostra” Above the word ‘ROSTRA’ is the Augustus Rostra built by Octavian.

    The curved section labeled ‘Hemicyclivm’ is the Caesarian Rostra and just above it on the right near the ‘Vmbilicvs’ are some curved blocks. Those blocks are what remains today of the stairs. (center-the column’s shadows fall on this Rostra)
    (close-up) (Augustus Rostra center-curved Caesar Rostra left) (opposite end; note the remains of some of the colorful marble facing)

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