CFP: Subversion and Censorship from Plato to Wikileaks

seen on the Classicists list:

A THREE-DAY CONFERENCE “Subversion and Censorship from Plato to Wikileaks”

October 2-4, 2013

Papers are invited from scholars and researchers in all areas of the Humanities and all periods of history to explore important themes on the limitations of freedom of expression (in act, thought or speech). Instead of the more traditional focus on censorship ‘from above’, we especially invite papers dealing with the responses to repression—that is, any works or activities which aim at subversion, coded dissent and veiled criticism (i.e. forms of self-censorship).

The conference is organized by members of the Classics discipline at the University of Adelaide, South Australia (also the venue): Professor Han Baltussen, Associate Professor Peter Davis, and Dr Mark Davies (Postdoctoral Researcher) with a view to expanding the theme of their ARC funded project “The Dynamics of Censorship in Antiquity” (2011-2013/DP 110100915).

We invite proposals on significant topics from any period of history and from areas such as classics, history, politics, literature, law, media, and music. Panels of three papers under one theme will also be considered.

Please send inquiries and abstracts (up to 150 words by February 15, 2013) to

Prof. Han Baltussen (Hughes Professor of Classics) (han.baltussen AT

Assoc. Prof. Peter J. Davis (Visiting Research Fellow) (peter.davis AT

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