Classics for All Reviews

by Paul Chrystal

Amberley (2014) p/b 288pp £9.99 (ISBN 9781445643762)

C. provides a wide ranging and detailed survey of his subject. In dealing with the lives of the women of Rome, he covers material from the foundation of Rome to the end of the Empire. In addition the range of his topics is equally extensive. The chapters cover women in the Familia, in the Public Eye, and Religion. Further chapters deal with marriage, education, medicine and health, sex and sexuality and, finally, the Dark Arts! Throughout, the discussion of these aspects is based upon the vast array of evidence which C. has examined. The 38 illustrations are equally diverse and interesting; there are examples of funerary reliefs, mosaics, wall-paintings busts of hairstyles, and representations of Roman women by artists from the 17th to the 20th century. The notes provide precise references to the evidence used—always helpful for those…

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