#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for June 6, 2019

Hodie est a.d. VIII Id. Iunias 2772 AUC

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Episode 94 – Flesh Rains Down Upon Thee – The Partial Historians 

We return to Rome’s narrative from the founding of City. The year c. 462 BCE ends on a high note with the consuls both gathering honours for their military exploits. L. Lucretius Tricipitinus is awarded a triumph for his successes against the Aequii while T. Veturius Geminus scores an ovatio for his part against the Volscii. As for the title of this episode—’Flesh Rains Down Upon Thee’— well, we wouldn’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say it’s best to keep your ears alert for prodigies!

Julius Caesar and the Point of No Return – Ancient History Fangirl 

Julius Caesar was in Gaul for eight years—and while he was gone, things in Rome didn’t just stop. His enemies were sharpening their knives, just salivating for him to come back so they could prosecute him. If they got their way, Caesar could lose his legions, his fortune, and his position—and see all his achievements undone…

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