#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for June 10, 2019

Hodie est a.d. IV Id. Iunias 2772 AUC

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Ubi novissima de disco narro, et praesenti et futuro.

Hoc in colloquio, Augustus et Catharina et Iustus de Sulpiciae carmine tertio colloquuntur

It’s the year 24 CE. Sejanus is trying to convince Tiberius that the sky is falling. His advice: sweep the leg.

Three guests for the price of one this week: Charlie Edwards, Alex Davis and Vicky Saward-Read, all of whom have just finished their UG degrees in Classics and Archaeology here at Kent. 

They reflect on their time here at university and what a life-changing experience it’s been. Charlie discusses his time with Kent Raising and Giving Society, Alex talks about coming to higher education as a mature student and the opportunities it’s given her, and Vicky looks back on her time as head of the Kent Classics and Archaeological Society.

Pope Celestine invites you to join him on his world tour! This papacy left its fingerprints on Gaul, Italy, Africa, Illyria, Britain and…Ireland! In his episode, we discuss the inception of Nestorianism, the Council of Ephesus, and Augustinian love letters that say hi.

Richard joins David to reflect on how he originally had no plans to go into archaeology or museums, and just wanted to be a drummer in a band, but through a knack of meeting the right people at the right time his career kept progressing. He also discusses what valuable objects can tell us about the influence of Persia on Rome, why we need to rethink the Roman occupation of Britain, working for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, what Trump and late Roman emperors might have in common, and what links Roald Dahl to famous Mildenhall Treasure.

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