#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for June 14, 2019

Hodie est a.d. XVIII Kal. Quintiles (Iulias) 2772 AUC ~ 12 Skirophorion in the second year of the 699th Olympiad

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At the same time as Hermes takes flight to Calypso’ island, in order to rescue Odysseus, Athena takes flight to Ithaka, in order to “rescue” 20-year old Telemachus: from his remarkable immaturity. This episode picks up the story in the twentieth year of Odysseus’ absence, and details the “Ithacan constitutional crisis” confronting Penelope, Telemachus, and the people of Ithaka:  “What to do, when your king/your husband/your father, may or may not, be dead?

My guest this week is Fiona Macintosh, Professor of Classical Reception, Director of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, and Curator of the Ioannou Centre at Oxford University. We chat about the influence of the classics on English literature and its place in our modern world, her own path to her classical education, and the lessons she’s learned as a teacher.

Even as late as 24 CE, Tiberius seems to be mostly rational, although his view on majestas was hardening. He refused to allow Further Spain to erect a temple to himself and his mother. And when Sejanus asked for permission to marry Livia Julia, Drusus’ widow, Tibbo turned him down.

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