#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for June 4, 2019

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Constantine, the first Christian Emperor? | Antiquity In Question 

This episode talks about Constantine I the first Roman Emperor to legalise Christianity, we take a deeper look at Constantine to see if he really was a Christian and therefore, if he can be called the first Christian Emperor?

Itinera Podcast: Episode 22 – Donna Zuckerberg 

Donna Zuckerberg, Editor in Chief of Eidolon  and author of Not All Dead White Men sits down with me on the finale of season 2 of Itinera to discuss the creation and evolution of Eidolon, the reception of classics in Red Pill communities, and how she conceives of her role as an ally. Recorded at the Annual Conference of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in 2018.

S.3 E.2 Ask a Classicist with Sanne Vliegenthart: Classics is Everywhere! by That’s Ancient History

It’s the third round of That’s Ancient History’s ‘Ask a Classicist’ specials where host Jean Menzies is joined by a complete classics novice and answers all of their pressing antiquity related questions (or tries to).

QDP Ep 139: De Carmine Secundo Sulpiciae – Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast 

A Latin language podcast …

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