#Thelxinoe ~ Your Morning Salutatio for July 30, 2019

Hodie est a.d.  III Kal. Sextilies (Augustas) 2772 AUC ~  29 Hekatombaion in the third year of the 699th Olympiad

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Religion was a central part of the Roman Empire and in today’s episode host Jean Menzies is joined by now regular guest Harriet Scott to explore the history of Christianity under the Roman Empire: from the persecution of ordinary Christians all the way to the adoption of Christianity as the state religion. My, how things can change in a few centuries!

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‘Sorting’ Out Your Day:

Today on the Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar:

If there is any thunder today, men who are out for revenge will “slip into the worst kind of treachery.”

… adapted from the translation of:

Jean MacIntosh Turfa, The Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar, in Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Erika Simon (eds.), The Religion of the Etruscans. University of Texas Press, 2006. (Kindle edition)