CONF: Institue of Classical Studies Greek Literature Seminar

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University of London School of Advanced Study



Mondays throughout the autumn term at 5 pm
Senate House South Block Room 349 (Painted Ceiling Room)



The series will cover texts in transmission, production, propagation,
movement, loss and survival, in antiquity and beyond

1 October Patrick Finglass (Nottingham) The ancient transmission of Stesichorus

8 October Myrto Hadjimichali (Exeter) Circulation, edition and survival: the
strange case of the Aristotelian corpus

15 October Nigel Wilson (Oxford) Reading Plato in Byzantium

22 October Andrej Petrovic (Durham) Philochoros of Athens and earliest
inscriptional collections

29 October Eleanor Dickey (Exeter) A text that never had a single
fixed form: the colloquia of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana


12 November Ben Henry (Oxford) Recovering Philodemus’s On Frank Speech

19 November Vayos Liapis (OU Cyprus) Do we have Euripides’ Oedipus? The
fragments re-examined

26 November TBA

3 December Ettore Cingano (Università Ca’ Foscari) Lost in the dark: the
transmission of the ‘minor’ Greek epic poems

10 December Sylvia Barbantani (Milan) The lost Ktiseis of Apollonios Rhodios

CONF: Liverpool Classical Association Programme

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The Liverpool Classical Association is pleased to announce its programme for 2012/2013

All enquiries should be directed to the Liverpool CA Secretary, Wendy Healey, w.a.healey AT

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Wednesday 3rd October 2012, 5.45pm

Walbank Lecture Theatre, 12 Abercromby Square, Liverpool

Talk: Archaeologists, Deserts, & Daggers

By Dr. Phil Freeman, University of Liverpool

Joint Liverpool CA/Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture

Wednesday 31st October 2012, 5.45pm

Walbank Lecture Theatre, 12 Abercromby Square, Liverpool

Talk: Magic & Witchcraft – Halloween

By Professor Daniel Ogden, University of Exeter

Thursday 1st November 2012, 7.00pm

FACT Cinema

Theatre trip: Shakespeare’s ‘Timon of Athens’

Fourth Annual John Percival Postgate Lecture

Tuesday 11th December, 2012, 5.45pm

Venue to be confirmed

By Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, University of Cambridge

Joint Liverpool CA/Roman Society

Wednesday 20th February 2013, 5.45pm

Walbank Lecture Theatre, 12 Abercromby Square, Liverpool

Illustrated talk on the "Villas of Pliny the Younger"

By Professor Roy Gibson

Wednesday 13th March 2013, 5.45pm ((“Murder in March”))

Walbank Lecture Theatre, 12 Abercromby Square, Liverpool

Talk: Does it ever help to kill Caesar? Political murder in the Ancient World

By Professor Gregory Woolf

Wednesday 24th April 2013. 5.45 pm

Title to be confirmed

By Jan Haywood

Saturday 11th May 2013, 10.45am

Classical Walking Tour: Liverpool’s Historic Waterfront District *

With Graham Oliver * Please note that you must book in advance for this event

Wednesday 29th May 2013, 6pm

The Catapult Picnic in Abercromby Square

((Featuring Phil Freeman & The Catapult))

CONF: Centre for Hellenic Studies events at KIng’s College London

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We are delighted to announce our programme of public events for the 2012/13 academic year.

For further details about each of the events, including times and locations, please click on the hyperlinks.

Tuesday 9 October 2012
Ioanna Rapti: Cities in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

Tuesday 16 October 2012
Dr Diana Bozhilova (King’s College London & Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): Energy policy in Greece and its neighbours today

Tuesday 23 October 2012
Peter Heather’s inaugural Lecture: The Conversion of Constantine and the Christianisation of Europe
18.00, Anatomy Lecture Theatre
Part of the Arts & Humanities festival

Tuesday 30 October 2012
Professor Malcolm Wagstaff (Norwich): The Vostizza (Eghio) District of the Peloponnese c. 1700: Reconstructing the Geography

Tuesday 13 November 2012
Philipp Niewöhner (Oxford): The pilgrimage site of St. Michael at Germia in Central Anatolia

Wednesday 14 November 2012
Greek Archaeological Committee Annual Lecture
The Prehistoric Site of Skarkos on the Island of Ios: expanding horizons of Cycladic Archaeology
lecture by Dr Marisa E Marthari, Ephor Emerita of Prehistoric & Classical Antiquities in the Greek Archaeological Service

Tuesday 20 November 2012
Sounds of the Greek World and Beyond: The travel writing of Patrick Leigh Fermor
A commemoration by the Society for Modern Greek Studies and the Centre for Hellenic Studies, London

Friday 23 November 2012
Displaying Cyprus
introduced by Thomas Kiely (British Museum) with Antoine Hermary (University of Nanterre)

Tuesday 27 November 2012
A panel discussion led by Niketas Siniossoglou (King’s College London):Christianity and Philosophy in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
Co-hosted with the Department of Philosophy

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Viviana Taliaferri (SOAS), Levantines in the making: building a plural identity in seventeenth and eighteenth-century Smyrna
Part of the Greek-Turkish Encounters series

Thursday 6 December 2012
Aristotle Transformed, 200-600 CE
Part of the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Project: 1985-2012.
10.00 – 13.30, Great Hall

Tuesday 11 December 2012
Georges Kazan (Oxford), The origins of the Byzantine Sarcophagus Reliquary

Saturday 12 January 2013
In the Shadow of Father and Son: John II Komnenos and His Reign

Saturday 26 January 2013
Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February 2013
Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 March 2013
Applied Arts Workshops
In collaboration with MoL and V&A

Thursday 7 February 2013
the 22nd Annual Runciman Lecture
Constantinople: the medieval Muslim perspective
Professor Carole Hillenbrand, OBE, FBA, FRSE, FR HIst.Soc

Monday 4 March 2013
Professor Georgios Babiniotis (University of Athens; Hellenic Foundation for Culture; Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation): Language
communication: how verbs make sense

We do hope you will be able to join us for this year’s exciting programme. More events will be added throughout the year, so do check our website for further details.