Gospel of Jesus’ Wife ~ Just Sayin’

Tip o’ the pileus to Robert Cargill who alerted us to a post at The Quaternion (A Coptic New Testament Papyrus Fragment (Galatians 2) For Sale on eBay) which really has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife, but does, as the title suggests it might, presents a photo of a fragment of a Coptic fragment of the New Testament. Even better, this fragment comes from a Codex and Brice Jones includes photos from both sides of the page. Hopefully people will see from this my constant complaints about the state of preservation of one side of the “codex” page that has been dubbed the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (e.g.: Some More Nails for the Ossuary of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife).

It Doesn’t Play in San Antonio Redux

A few days ago we mentioned in passing a brief kerfuffle over advertising of the Aphrodite and the Gods of Love exhibition currently at the San Antonio Museum of Art. The fine folks at SAMA sent me a copy of the ad and here it is:

From the San Antonio Museum of Art ~ Click for a larger version
Full story of the kerfuffle at the Rivard Report: Naked or Nude: Aphrodite Raises Eyebrows at SAMA … whatever the case, I might have understood (stress the “might”) if it were one of the Kallypygian or Knidian varieties, but this is one of the tamer Anadyomene (maybe) types … still don’t get what’s controversial about it …

Classical Words of the Day

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