BMCR 2015.04.07 Zetzel on Arrighetti, Canfora, Guida, Bossina, De Martino, Giorgio Pasquali sessant’anni dopo

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.04.07

Graziano Arrighetti, Luciano Canfora, Augusto Guida, Luciano Bossina, Domenico De Martino, Giorgio Pasquali sessant’anni dopo. Atti della Giornata di studio (Firenze, 1° ottobre 2012). Margaritae, 2. Firenze: Accademia Fiorentina di Papirologia e di Studi sul Mondo Antico, 2014. Pp. 127. ISBN 9788890875212. €25.00 (pb).

Reviewed by James E. G. Zetzel, Columbia University (zetzel​AT​

[The Table of Contents is listed below.]

Giorgio Pasquali was killed at the age of 67 in a road accident in July 1952; a commemorative issue of the periodical Atene e Roma appeared later that year. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his death, Lanfranco Caretti edited Per Giorgio Pasquali (Pisa, 1972) including reminiscences and some substantial essays on his writing and scholarship by such scholars as Antonio La Penna, Alessandro Ronconi, Sebestiano Timpanaro, and Caretti himself, together with bibliographies of Pasquali’s writings and of important works about him. In 2012, for the sixtieth anniversary of his death, the Accademia Fiorentina di Papirologia e di Studi sul Mondo Antico sponsored a conference about Pasquali; the papers delivered then make up the contents of this volume.

While these three collections are only a small part of what has been written about Pasquali since 1952—the footnotes in the various essays in the volume under review make that evident—there are links among them: some of the contributions in 1972 were reprinted from the 1952 collection or are by the same authors, and Pasquali’s relationship with Lanfranco Caretti, the editor of the 1972 volume, is the subject of Domenico de Martino’s essay in this one. All three—and I am sure other publications as well—are also joined together by the presence in each of the same memorable photograph of Pasquali in animated conversation, taken on the Via Tornabuoni in Florence in May of 1951.​ […]​

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