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Froma Zeitlin posted this to the Classicists list:

To those of you who are IPhone users, there are two new wonderful applications now available, very easy to use, courtesy of Harry Schmidt, grad student (and whiz) at Princeton University:

1. Lexiphanes is a Greek dictionary for your iPhone. It contains editions of the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon and Autenrieth’s Homeric Lexicon (both now in the public domain, oldies but goodies).

Lexiphanes is really fast, with a slick and modern iPhone interface. It shows you the short definition of a word so you don’t need to visit the whole entry. You can bookmark a word and come back to it later.

Lexiphanes can even convert Greek numerals to and from regular (Arabic) notation.

The short definitions feature was automatically generated from the text of the dictionaries. It’s not perfect. We need your help! You can make changes and they’ll be sent to us automatically.

Please read Lexidium’s Instructions sheet carefully to learn how to input Greek characters. You can either turn on the Greek keyboard (new in OS 3.0) or you can use “beta code” input. Both work just fine.

2, Lexidium is a Latin dictionary for your iPhone. It’s based on a public domain version of the Lewis and Short dictionary.

It has the following features:

1 (NEW). Lexidium can interface with Perseus and parse inflected words for you. An Internet connection is required for this feature.
2. Lexidium is really fast. It makes lookups a breeze.
3. Lexidium displays a short definition of every word so you don’t necessarily need to look at the full entry.
4. You can bookmark entries and return to them later.
5. Lexidium includes a Roman numeral converter. Enter a number in either Roman or regular (Arabic) numerals and Lexidium will automatically convert it into the other format for you.

Each costs a piddling $1.99.

4 thoughts on “Classical iPhone Apps

  1. Paul Avery’s ‘Holy Bible’ has a nice presentation of the GNT (with the Westcott-Hort text, same as Perseus). His GreekFlash for NT vocab is good as well. Not strictly ‘Classical’ but related.

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