Aegean Archaeology Vol. 8

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The editors of Aegean Archaeology are pleased to announce that vol. 8 (2005-2006) is out. For contents, please see below.

For any further details (abstracts of articles, contents of previous volumes, PDFs of selected articles, ordering info) please consult our website at

Contents of Vol 8:

M. Georgiadis, The Prehistoric Finds from the Halasarna Survey Project 2003-2006, Kos: A Preliminary Report, p. 7-19;

M.G. Clinton, S.. Martino, G.H. Myer, D.O. Terry, Jr., and P.P. Betancourt, Rapid Cooling Effects in Early Bronze Age Copper Smelting Slags from Chrysokamino, p.. 21-30;

E. Miller Bonney, A Reconsideration of Depositional Practices in Early Bronze Age Crete, p. 31-50;

L. Tyree, F.W. McCoy, A. Kanta, D. Sphakianakis, A. Stamos, K. Aretaki, and E. Kamilaki, Inferences for Use of Skotino Cave During the Bronze Age and Later Based on a Speleological and Environmental Study at Skotino Cave, Crete, p. 51-63;

M. Devolder, From the Ground Up: Earth in Minoan Construction. The Case of Building 5 at Palaikastro, p. 65-80;

E. Drakaki, The Ownership of Hard Stone Seals with the motif of a Pair of Recumbent Bovines from the Late Bronze Age Greek Mainland: A Contextual Approach, p. 81-93;

R.A.K. Smith, E. Pappi, M.K. Dabney, S. Triantaphyllou, and J.C. Wright, 2006–2007 Excavations of the Mycenaean Cemetery at Ayia Sotira, Ancient Nemea, p. 95-109;

R. Jung and M. Mehofer, A sword of Naue II type from Ugarit and the Historical Significance of Italian-type Weaponry in the Eastern Mediterranean, p. 111-135

Paul Faure 1916 – 2007 (Florence Driessen-Gaignerot), p. 137-139;

R. Koehl, Aegean Bronze Age Rhyta (Carl Knappett), p. 141-144;

C. Davaras and Ph.P. Betancourt, Hagia Photia Cemetery I: The Tomb Groups and Architecture (Krzysztof Nowicki), p. 144-146.

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