CONF: Fines imperii, imperium sine fine? Osnabrueck 14-18.9.09

seen on the Classicists list:

International Congress, Osnabrueck, 14th-18th September 2009:
Fines imperii, imperium sine fine?
Rome – Empire between resistance and integration

In celebration of the 2000th anniversary of the Varus battle of A.D. 9, University and City of Osnabrück, in corporation with the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen, are organising an international five-day congress to discuss questions on the interaction between Romans and natives in the frontier regions of the Roman empire in the early Empire.
Based on our archaeological, epigraphic and literary sources it is the aim to analyse both the diverse Roman policies aimed at controlling, pacifying and ‘civilising’ frontier regions as well as the various indigenous strategies to adapt to or resist Roman imperialism. Besides Roman military occupation and demonstrations of Rome’s power, we want to focus on civic aspects, such as the integration of indigenous elites in the socioeconomic structures of the Roman empire, the developments in rural and urban areas, aspects of ethnogenesis and the consequences of cultural interactions and core-periphery relationships. It is the aim of the conference to explore parallels and discrepant experiences in the various frontier regions of the Roman Empire.
There are three thematic sections: (1) Roman and indigenous strategies to consolidate power and secure peace. (2) Pax Romana – Development of civic structures. (3) Instruments to consolidate Roman dominance: military and ideology.

Speakers include: Kurt Raaflaub (Brown University), David Mattingly (Leicester), Michek Reddé (Paris), Angel Morillo Cerdan (Madrid), Moshe Fischer (Tel Aviv), Martina Minas-Nerpel (Swansea), Simon James (Leicester), Helmut Halfmann (Hamburg), William Van Andringa (Lille), Maaike Groot (Amsterdam), Hartmut Wolff (Passau), Francois Favory (Besancon), Ariel Lewin (Potenza), Sandrine Agusta-Boularot (Aix-en-Provence), Miroslava Mirkovic (Beograd), Marjeta Sasel Kos (Ljubliana), Stefanie Martin-Kilcher (Bern), Peter Herz (Regensburg), Ulrike Ehmig (Mainz/Klagenfurt), Günther Schörner (Jena), Yann Le Bohec (Paris), G.A. Lehmann (Göttingen), R. Wolters (Tübingen), and Siegmar von Schurbein (Frankfurt).

Conference fee: 40 euros including excursions to Kalkriese (site of the ‘Varus battle’), Haltern and Detmold
For further information and booking see or contact ralph.haussler AT

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